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Fallout after Fresno Police Chief release body camera footage from shooting of 19-year-old

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Chief Dyer admits people may question those last two shots, and former Los Angeles Police Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey does too. (KFSN)

The 19-year old Dylan Noble was unarmed, but video released Wednesday by Police Chief Jerry Dyer shows exactly what he did before being shot. Fresno Police may soon have to deal with the fallout of that incident.

For Noble, the final moments of his life began with a spinout. About half a mile later, Fresno Police tried to pull him over.

A half mile after that, he pulled into a gas station parking lot. Body camera video shows officers repeatedly ordering him to show both his hands-- he showed one.

Attorney Jeff Hammerschmidt, who was once the Police Department's legal adviser, said Noble gave officers reason to be nervous after they heard a report of a man armed with a rifle nearby.

"It appears he did understand the command, but chose to ignore it. At least partially, which again heightens the concerns of the officers I'm sure."

Noble walked away, then walked back towards the officers-- nearly always keeping one hand behind his back.

Police said Noble disobeyed 30 commands in all.

As he got within 10 feet, an officer fired twice, and Noble fell to the ground--
but he was still moving and still not doing what officers ordered.

"Mr. Noble was seen reaching towards his waist. Maybe that's out of pain, because he had been shot. From the officer's standpoint, they don't know if he's reaching for something," said Hammerschmidt.

Noble was hit a third time and 12 seconds later, a fourth.

Chief Dyer admits people may question those last two shots, and former Los Angeles Police Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey does too.

"What was it about the hands that made it so scary? They should be able to articulate that because, if we now know he had no weapon in his hands, what's so scary about an empty hand?"

Dorsey also agrees with the attorney for Dylan's father whose claim Thursday said the response was disproportionate to the threat.

Several officers told Action News they think the public is just Monday morning quarterbacking an extremely stressful situation.

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