4-year-old shot in Central Fresno

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Rather than expressing anger, family members are praying for the suspects who are still at large and just want them to take responsibility for what they did. (KFSN)

A drive-by shooting left a 4-year-old boy with multiple wounds Friday and a community demanding answers.

Officers say this shooting was calculated.

The suspects spent time surveying the area and when they finally fired, several of the bullets hit a little boy.

What was supposed to be a birthday celebration ended with a family gathering of another kind.

A damaged car and buildings lined with bullet hole are what's left and Terry Hutchinson clothes are stained with blood.

"He was just all family laughing, talking and chewing the fat," Hutchinson, the victim's great aunt, said. "And then all of the sudden it just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I didn't know the baby got hit."

The baby was her 4-year-old great-nephew and police say three men drove past the apartment complex and fired about 10 shots.

One hit the boy in the wrist while two others barely grazed his neck.

"I don't know how I got on the ground," Hutchinson said. "I got on the ground, grabbed a shirt, put pressure, there was a lot of blood."

The boy only had minor injuries but neighbors who witnessed the violence say they are scared for their children knowing there are people carelessly firing around innocent victims.

"It's pathetic, I think it's sad," witness Desiree said. "I have a 15-year-old that I don't even want to bring home now. You know, I don't want him to come home because I'm scared that, you know, he's going to be next, you know."

This is not the first time a child has been hit.

In June, a 20-month-old was resting in his father's arms when a man shot and killed him.

"It was an innocent child, we can't let our kids die," Hutchinson said. "They have to think may have a daughter or a son, to hurt an innocent child - it's not good."

Instead of anger towards the three suspects, the family is relying on the power of prayer and hoping those men take responsibility for their actions.

"Hatred is such a powerful word, and we don't wish no harm on anybody, I'm so thankful my baby is okay," Hutchinson said.

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