Customers speaking out after 2 trailers stolen three days apart from Merced storage facility

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Some customers who were keeping their travel trailers at a Merced storage facility said their campers just disappeared. (KFSN)

Some customers who were keeping their travel trailers at a Merced storage facility said their campers just disappeared.

It's was a mother's day Keshu Evans will never forget. Her partner of 20 years showed her video of their nearly 30-foot trailer parked at a storage unit being hauled off by a thief.

"You never think anything thing is going to happen while it's in storage, it's supposed to be secure," said Sam Mack, Merced.

Not the case for the two who were even more shocked after learning of the timing of the incident.

"The theft actually took place on May 8th, we weren't notified until June 7th," said Evans. "To notify us a month later, after the theft, that's what's frustrating."

To add fuel to their already growing fire they learned surveillance cameras did not catch the thief in the act either.

"Everything apparently was down except for the front," said Evans.

But this couple weren't the only victims. Three days earlier another trailer belonging to another family was taken by what appears to be the same thief leaving the same storage facility.

We spoke with the owner who said she found out five days after her property was stolen.

"We were going on a field trip with our son and my husband was actually the one who said our trailer is not there, and I said that's not possible. So I call and say hey, where the trailer. They didn't know it was missing until I called them," said Veronica Apodaca, victim.

Both victims tried taking the owner of the company to court. The judge dismissed their case saying they had signed a waiver stating that if anything happened to their property the company would not be responsible.

"People need to be aware as to where they store their items and read the clause before they sign any contract, anything that's legally binding because you sign it-- it is what it is," said Evans.

The manager of Sierra Storage said he is going to make sure employees from now on do property checks daily. And if property is missing he is going to have them call the owner to let them know.

He also tells us they have spent over $3,000 on gate improvements and security cameras as well.

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