Group of attorneys offers legal advice to Northeast Fresno resident because of water issue

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Residents of Northeast Fresno have turned to attorneys to help solve their discolored water problem. (KFSN)

Residents of Northeast Fresno have turned to attorneys to help solve their discolored water problem. On Wednesday a team of attorneys offered dozens of them legal advice. The group met outside of Fresno at the San Joaquin College of Law.

"You've got the piping issues, you've got the chemistry issues, you've got health issues," said Mike Connor, homeowner.

Connor owns a home where the tap water is questionable. He said it's been undrinkable since the day the city started operating a surface water treatment plant-- which was 12 years ago. His complaints about lead contamination, he said, have been ignored. So he found some lawyers who were willing to listen.

"As citizens, we can make noise and no one really pays attention. You bring someone of a Brian Kabateck and a Frank Pitre and Michael Gatto in town, people start paying attention."

Altogether, Connor said there are two law firms and one other attorney involved. At this point, attorney Brian Kabateck said they're just offering advice to get clean water and possibly compensation for damaged pipes.

"The best thing that can happen for them is to get this resolved now, not have it drag out in court-- get it resolved now. Let's get to the bottom of this."

City spokesperson Mark Standriff said in a statement, "We certainly respect the right of residents to avail themselves of their legal options while we continue to work diligently on the solutions for their discolored water."

"We've never been in it for the money, we just want to be made whole," said Connor.

Conner said he has waited far too long for answers and something needs to change soon.

One of the major concerns is lead in the water. The city said it's testing 15 to 20 homes a day and some of those homes are showing traces of it above the level allowed by the feds which are 15 parts per billion.

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