Surveillance camera catches prowler peeping in on kids through window at Lindsay home

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Denise Ramirez has been losing sleep over the thought of someone looking into her home from the outside. (KFSN)

Denise Ramirez has been losing sleep over the thought of someone looking into her home from the outside. When it was happening, she had no idea, but she has video proof to serve as a reminder.

"I don't know what his real intentions were. What if I didn't see him doing that?"

Ramirez' surveillance camera in the backyard recorded the video on Tuesday morning. At 6:01 a.m., the man hopped the fence and went straight for a bedroom window right where her two young sons were getting dressed for school.

"I'm sad, I'm upset, I'm angry, but those are emotions I can't express."

The man was there for several minutes and for a moment, he peeked in through an open bathroom window and Ramirez was just below it inside.

"Something was telling me to check the camera."

The camera is connected to her phone and she checked it before going out the door.

"I fast forward to 6:05, I see a male standing there staring at my children with his hands in his pants."

Ramirez called the police and about an hour later officers found a possible suspect on the same street-- North Mirage in Lindsay. But they didn't make an arrest-- the chief of police said there wasn't enough evidence.

Diana Ibarra lives next door to Ramirez, she said,"That's difficult, you know. That's happening so close to home, you don't even feel safe in your own house."

Ramirez said the same guy has been known to break into cars in the neighborhood and steal things from backyards. This is the first time he's been caught on camera.

"I don't want to see him at all. I feel like my kids' rights have been violated."

An arrest would give her some peace of mind, but for now, the search continues. Detectives need more information to link the suspect to the video or any other crime in the area.

"This needs to stop-- this needs to stop," said Ramirez.

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