Parents of a South Valley couple killed in DUI crash came face-to-face with man accused of killing them

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Matthew and Sharnae Cuellar both died in the crash last December. They left behind three children. (KFSN)

Matthew and Sharnae Cuellar both died in the crash last December. They left behind three children.

Officers said Sharnae had just picked up Matthew from work when Randall Corcoran crossed the median and hit them.

Corcoran stood briefly to plead not guilty Thursday. He had a small knee brace on and cane-- a result of injuries he also sustained in the crash officers say he caused.

Outside court, Matthew's mother and Sharnae's father said the long awaited charges were answers to their constant prayers.

"I was just wondering when was all this gonna start, or when was he gonna pay for his consequences for the night that he took my daughter and my son in law," said Ruben Cuellar Jr., victim's father.

Earlier this week, prosecutors got the evidence they needed to finally charge Corcoran. Officers said he crossed the median on a country road outside Kingsburg and hit the Cuellar family head on. Toxicology reports show he was high on meth at the time. The couple's three daughters survived, but one was critically injured in the crash.

Actually seeing Corcoran in person instantly brought back all the pain family members have been dealing with over the past year.

"It was hard, because this is a man who has destroyed our lives. He took two beautiful people away from a lot of people that loved them and left three beautiful little girls without their parents," said Stephanie Cuellar, victim's mom.

Since the crash, the victim's parents have also been involved in a bitter custody battle over the girls with another family member. Although the court has made a ruling the children should be turned over to their grandparents- that has not taken place yet.

Despite this separate legal fight-- Thursday the focus was on Corcoran.

"He needs to pay for his actions that night. That's all I want," said Stephanie.

Corcoran is being charged with murder because of a prior DUI from Visalia in 2014.

During his court appearance he was told if he was in a fatal crash- he could face homicide charges.

Right now his bail is $2-million but he is expected to ask for a bail reduction later this month.

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