City Council helps usher in a renaissance era to Downtown Fresno

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A vision nearly a decade in the making passed with thunderous applause Thursday. (KFSN)

A vision nearly a decade in the making passed with thunderous applause Thursday. Zachary Antoyan sat in the audience reflecting on what Fresno once was and what the city could be.

"It's not viewed as the place you stop by, it's what you drive by really quickly to get to the next part."

Changing that perception is the purpose of a new development plan. Council approved a package of ordinances establishing new building standards.

Local carpenter Manuel Rorsco Jr. hopes he will play a part in shaping over 7,000 acres.

"For me and the people that work with me, it's exciting to build those storefronts."

Many of the new buildings will be mixed-use projects. Apartment units on top, with restaurants and stores on the bottom.

Buildings will be packed close together with a limit on the number of stories.

"It's fluid, it's changing with the times, maybe high rises were the norm 50 years ago, today's is two story, single story. So we have to change with the time," said Lee Brand, City Councilmember.

City leaders said downtown is already on a path to recovery. Now, they hope this step will transform a dream into reality.

"I came from a skeptic to a believer, and I do believe we have had a major change," said Brand.

"I think it's ripe for that opportunity to make that shift and this is where it all starts," said Antoyan.

Planners said they anticipate 10,000 new housing units to go up and they will be able to accommodate about 15,000 thousand residents.

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