Representatives for Congressman Kevin McCarthy get earful in Porterville from concerned constituents

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While Congressmen Devin Nunes and David Valadao have issued statements about the ban, it appears McCarthy, so far, has not. (KFSN)

Typically, mobile office days for Congressman Kevin McCarthy only draw a few people to Porterville City Hall. But these aren't typical times, and those who attended the event on Friday morning were concerned about the future of America under a Trump administration.

They were also fearful that their representative will support some of the President's most controversial decisions, including his temporary travel ban from seven Muslim majority countries.

While Congressmen Devin Nunes and David Valadao have issued statements about the ban, it appears McCarthy, so far, has not.

"(McCarthy) has not said anything formally in a statement regarding that," said Cole Karr, Congressman McCarthy field representative.

"Why? Why hasn't he said? I can't. It's been like five days, at least," said a person attending the meeting.

"This is a country of immigrants, it's always been a country of immigrants; whether you are a Native American, or you're a first, second, third, or fourth generation American. Our strength comes from our heritage and our diversity of immigration," said Gary Adest, Porterville.

"I feel that the Republican party is going to lose vastly if they don't take a stance against this administration's bigotry," said Art Rodriguez, Poplar.

Rodriguez said the stakes are so high, that some of his friends didn't even feel comfortable showing up to this meeting. But McCarthy's representatives reassured Rodriguez that they would be safe and that they are there to listen to any concerns, and follow up with answers.

Some questioned if McCarthy, who is the house majority leader, really listens to his constituents in the Central Valley.

"Locked doors and darkened lights will not stop us from demanding accountability for Mr. McCarthy's irresponsibility and greed. If he continues to ignore us, those that he took an oath to represent, we will find someone for 2018 who will fight for and protect our health, our rights, and our needs," said Nicole Celaya, Springville.

"We know where we're going if we give any one of the branches too much power," said one person at the meeting.

They challenged McCarthy to keep President Trump in check, and to have the conviction to do what's right even if it means losing support.

Kathryn Black does not like where the country is headed, but she is hopeful McCarthy can go his own way.

"They have to have courage and stand up for their values of this area because otherwise really all is lost."

Congressman McCarthy's Tulare County field rep said they will have another mobile office event at the Veterans Memorial Building in Springville on February 28th. That meeting will start at 10:00 a.m.

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