7 students sick, 1 hospitalized after consuming drug-laced cookies at Hoover High School

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Police say a total of seven students went home sick after eating the cookies. (KFSN)

What happened during lunchtime at Hoover High School quickly spread among parents by the time it was after school.

"She indicated there was an incident on campus cookies were being handled out laced," said Henry Michael Guerra, who is the grandfather of a student.

A freshman student was rushed to the hospital after eating a drug-laced cookie at Hoover High School. Police say a total of seven students went home sick after eating the cookies.

Students say the cookies were being handed out during lunch, and it didn't take long before several reported to the office - saying they felt ill.

Fresno police say the cookies may have contained a mixture of drugs. Seven students ended up sick with all of them being freshmen. Officers say symptoms ranged from dizziness to stomach pain.

"I woke her up and was like, 'Are you okay?" said Kayla Hall after finding one of the students. "She didn't look okay, her eyes was pretty low. She looked like she was on something because I've been hearing about it."

One of the freshmen had to go to the hospital and police quickly found the culprit responsible. Students say those who ate the cookies knew what they were getting themselves into.

"A lot of people were like, 'Oh, they're selling it, oh, he's selling it,'" Hall explained.

Fresno Unified sent the following statement after the incident, saying they're "taking this incident extremely seriously and appreciates the students who came forward to report the incident to staff."

Guerra says it's a mistake his granddaughters here won't be making.

"They're not aware of the consequences of their innocent fun games," he said. "And it can be a catastrophe when they lace something of that nature."

"It's so immature because they think it's funny to bring edibles to school and it's not," Hall said.

It's a prank that has real health consequences for some and now a serious punishment for the student responsible.

Fresno Unified said appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the student who brought the cookies, and that the incident is still under investigation.

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