Union Pacific partnering with Fresno Police to reduce number of train related injuries

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Every week 16 people are killed by trains, deaths that could all be avoided. (KFSN)

"See tracks, think train," is a slogan officials with union pacific wants you to pay attention to. Every week 16 people are killed by trains, deaths that could all be avoided.

Wednesday, Union Pacific partnered with the Fresno Police to hand out tickets to violators at railroad crossings.

"Most people don't know if a train is traveling 55 mph takes more than a mile to stop. It's not like driving your car, it's not like slamming on the brakes, and they're confined to that right of way on the rails in a straight line so there's no swerving out of the way," said Justin Jacobs, Union Pacific Railroad.

Officials said drivers and pedestrians should always stop in designated areas when warning signals are flashing and gates indicate a train is approaching. However, police ticketed 32 people in less than three hours Wednesday who ignored the warnings.

"When they see those warning lights, those arms coming down, please stop. It's not worth risking swerving around or making it to that appointment early, getting home to your family is the number one priority," said Jacobs.

Inside the cab engineers not only have to operate the train but are constantly scanning the tracks and crossings for violators-- and will alert authorities if they need to.

Getting a railroad crossing ticket won't come cheap; you can expect to pay close to $400 bucks if you're caught.

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