Syrian refugees left with mixed feelings after U.S. missile strike

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Some refugees say six years of war are proof that missiles and bombs are not the solution to the problem. (KFSN)

While politicians across both aisles widely praised the missile strikes. Many local Syrian families say it was the wrong move.

Some refugees who just fled the civil war spoke out against the chemical attacks. They say six years of war are proof that missiles and bombs are not the solution to the problem.

The launching of 59 Tomahawk missiles decimated Assad's airfield Thursday. It also united Republican and Democrats in a rare moment of unison.

"It sends a message to Syria's president," Rep. Jim Costa said. "It lets our allies in the Middle East know we are prepared to take action."

Costa says the strike was needed to punish the regime and shows that the United States doesn't tolerate chemical weapons.

"I'm sure Putin was not pleased that they used sarin gas two days ago because it's going to force him, I hope, to take corrective action," Costa explained.

But Syrian refugees who just fled the country say U.S. politicians are out of touch with reality and that missiles do little to help their people.

"I was really depressed to be honest because when manpower and weapons increase in any war, the only casualties that actually increases is civilian," refugee Thafer Kashak said.

While the President and congress mull over their next steps, local Syrians say they hope the focus is less on military action and overthrowing the Russian-backed regime.

"Overthrowing one faction that's creating destruction in Syria, will only create a vacuum and make room for another faction to come in and create destruction," Kashak said.

It's a void many Syrians believe will only lead to more death and violence.

Putin has come up commenting negatively on the missile strikes, and Costa says the real telling signs will be the Russian meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson next week.

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