NBA fans across the Valley sound off on Game 4 predictions

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A Warriors win on Friday means Golden State becomes the first team in NBA history to go 16-0 in the postseason. (KFSN)

There's only one place left you can go to find out what's really going to happen before it happens - your corner barbershop.

The fellas at Nations in Northeast Fresno faded up Action News reporter Jason Olivera real quick and gave him the lowdown on what to expect in Game 4 of the NBA finals.

"I think the Warriors are going to get them tonight," owner J. Mason said.


"Hate to say that, but I think so."

"Lebron is always going to be Lebron, but he don't got what it takes to beat this much of a great team," one fan said.

"I think the Warriors are taking this championship," another fan added.

A Warriors win on Friday means Golden State becomes the first team in NBA history to go 16-0 in the postseason.

"I'm kind of glad that they're getting swept," Jordan Bailey said. "Lebron is kind of like the Kanye West of basketball."

But not everyone is confident about a finals sweep.

"They can't sweep em," one patron argued. "They going to give them a chance to let them play with them."

"Maybe the Warriors won't whip 'em too bad," one fan said. "Stretch it out a few more games."

Lebron James might be the biggest force in the league since Michael Jordan, but according to these experts, Kevin Durant has been the biggest difference maker this postseason.

"The biggest, a seven-foot difference," one fan laughingly said.

Following a fresh cut, you can't forget your fan gear. JR Sports in northwest Fresno has just about anything a Warriors or Cavs fan could imagine. From the smallest fans to even bandwagon jumpers, you'll find it here.

"Right now it's warriors," Noe Lopez with the store said. "It's at least 70 to 75 percent of people coming in is all straight Warriors stuff driving the business right now."

The Warriors postseason success is big business locally. If Golden State sweeps, JR Sports will roll out new championship gear this weekend.

"We can start seeing some stuff coming in," Lopez said. "Most of the stuff will come on Monday, but we can start seeing stuff coming in as early as tomorrow."

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