Workout Wednesday: Low-impact calorie burning

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You don't just have to climb the stair stepper or run on the treadmill to burn calories. (KFSN)

Most people think that in order to burn calories you have to do aerobic exercises. But I'm going to show you some low-impact moves that will still get that body burning.

The first move is the Pilates Curl. Lie face up, on the mat, knees bent, arms at your sides. Exhale curling chin to chest bringing shoulders completely off of the mat. Hold for 1 breath and slowly roll back down. Do a set of ten slowly pressing your belly into the mat and working to add more reps.

The next exercise is a Shoulder Bridge. Again lay on the mat, knees bent arms at your sides. Exhale and slowly roll hips off mat toward ceiling tightening your glutes and core. Holding this position extend your right leg and kick it to the ceiling, with pointed toe and flexed heel, now slowly lower your leg to the level of the opposite knee. Raise and lower leg 3 reps then repeat sequence using left leg. Now slowly roll hips back down to starting position on the mat.

These multitasking workouts combine low-impact moves that strengthen, tone, and make you sweat!

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