Inspectors at Big Fresno Fair ensuring safety, vendors must meet certain standards

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Before fair goers order their favorite food or get on their favorite ride at the Big Fresno Fair (KFSN)

Before fair goers order their favorite food or get on their favorite ride at the Big Fresno Fair, vendors must go through several measures to meet the highest standards possible.

Inspections took place throughout the fairgrounds on Tuesday but Deputy Manager Lauri King says inspections will take place on a daily basis during the fair's 12-day run.

"It is the Big Fresno Fair's mission to celebrate, educate and have fun. And in that comes the health and safety of our fair patrons, our employees, our staff and our volunteers," said King.

To ensure safety at carnival rides the Big Fresno Fair works closely with several agencies including Comspeq Consulting.

"We will go through to make sure that everything, nuts, bolts, pins, and keys are in places they are supposed to be," said Comspeg Consulting John Dodson.

John Dodson has over 30 years of experience--including inspections of rides at major amusement parks. He says it is always best to observe first before you get on any ride.

"If they haven't been on that particular type ride before and see how other people are reacting to that ride. And make sure that it is appropriate for them or any of the other family members," said Dodson.

When it comes to food, The Big Fresno Fair works with the Fresno County Health Department to ensure all 90 food and drink vendors comply with health and safety codes.

"We are ready. We're preparing everything right now. We're going to get through the Fresno Health Department. Everything is being prepped. Our chicken is fresh. A lot of guys here know what they are doing, they've been doing this a long time," said Charlie Boghosian.

Chicken Charlie's ready to cook up everyone's favorite fried foods and he's whipping up a new treat--a cotton candy ice cream sandwich dipped in fruity pebbles.

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