What is the green mile?

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Before the Dinuba High football team runs on to the field, they make a walk, but it is not just any walk. (KFSN)

For the better part of the last decade, the Emperors have walked the Green Mile.

"You know our kids really like it, it was brought in by Principal Ryan Phaelan from Kingsburg High School. He's the one that set that up, he used to be a coach here and also our athletic director," said Dinuba Head Coach, Kevin Scharton.

"It's a fan-based deal, we decided to put together several years ago and the bikes have been a part of that," explained Dinuba H.S. Counselor, Jonathon Shin.

Add some police cars with sirens going off and you have got quite the entrance. What is it like for the visitors?

"It's loud, it's neat. It's something no matter who you are if you are road or home team, it gets your juices flowing," said CVC Head Coach, Mason Hughes.

"You can't help but take a peek, you can definitely hear it," said Scharton.

Not only does it fire up the players but also those in the green mile.

"I feel great, as alumni of Dinuba HS, there's not too many other places I'd rather be on a Friday night," said Shin.

"It gets really loud, I can't even hear my sirens at times. Then when the bikes are revving up, I can't hear them," said Dinuba Police Officer Marcos Nunez.

"The band is playing, the crowd is roaring and the kids are walking through there, it's just a really cool thing for the kids," said Sharton.

And unlike anything, you will see in the valley.

"It's home-field advantage, you get to pump up the players with the community and their motorcycles with law enforcement, revving up the engines and lighting up the lights, it's a home-field advantage," said Officer Nunez.

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