Fresno father of six is brain dead after drive-by shooting

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A father of six is brain dead and Fresno police are working to find out who shot him as he tried to fix his car. (KFSN)

A father of six is brain dead and Fresno police are working to find out who shot him as he tried to fix his car.

Joseph Baeza's family is making the difficult decision of when to discontinue life support. He was fatally injured during a drive-by shooting that left him lifeless in the street and unable to speak.

Police believe the victim knew the person who shot him but they do not have a motive.

Family members say Joseph Baeza was working on his car Monday night when he got into an argument with some people that were passing by. The argument ended but the problems weren't over yet. A short time later a car pulled up and fired several shots.

Loved ones have gathered at the bedside of 36-year-old Joseph Baeza. His cousin says they are devastated by the callous way someone gunned him down earlier this week.

Baeza's cousin, Michelle Torres said, "It was one thing to argue or fight with him but to come back and to come back and make sure that he was not able to get up is very senseless and heartless."

Fresno police have talked to witnesses but unfortunately they aren't saying much. Detectives are also working to determine a motive.

Mark Salazar with the Fresno Police Department said, "At least a couple of people probably saw what happened but again the people that saw what happened haven't been very forthcoming. We've been talking to them repeatedly throughout the week and we're not going to give up though."

Baeza's family members say they are trying to be strong for his children and focus on the good memories they made with him, instead of his tragic death.

Torres added, "His laugh, he was always laughing and smiling. You know, he loved his kids, they were always on his mind. He was always making sure that they had what they needed."

Baeza was an organ donor and his family says they plan to save as many lives as possible through their loss.

Baeza's family is also planning to write letters to those who receive his organs letting them know who he was so his legacy lives on.

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