New law allowing barbershops and beauty salons to serve alcohol

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Next year one new law will allow barbershops and beauty salons to serve alcohol to clients without an alcohol license. (KFSN)

The new year always brings new laws. Next year one new law will allow barbershops and beauty salons to serve alcohol to clients without an alcohol license.

Walk into any barber shop and it is not just the sound of the clippers you'll hear. People chatting and likely a sporting game playing in the background all make up a perfect recipe for a relaxing experience while getting styled. But pretty soon barber shops and beauty salons will be able to add an extra ingredient to the list-- Alcohol.

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Wednesday allowing barbers and beauticians to serve complimentary wine or beer to clients without a liquor license.

Thomas Tonkin said this has been going on undercover for years, he however, as of now, is not sold on doing it.

"If you sold some alcohol here and someone went out and got into an accident-- I would be worried about something like that."

Tonkin's next door neighbor though is on board. In fact, the owner said they've already tested it out.

"We would have a mimosa for a person if that's what they wanted or a glass of wine, never hard liquor just something clean, easy, and light," said Jay Mason, Nations Barbershop.

A local organization that speaks out against underage drinking feels this new law will make it easier for minors to get alcohol.

"Hair salons-- we don't know the regulations. How will it be regulated? It's not a store so will they ID them," said Janet Salcedo, California Friday Night Live Partnership.

Fresno barber Jarvis Cullin of JDB Cuts is also worried about that too. He said he's even more concerned about how this will affect those who have low tolerance levels.

"A lot of people have a low tolerance for drinking alcohol, and say that person was to come in and get a haircut and leave the barbershop-- that's promoting drinking and driving."

The new law states that no more than 12 ounces of beer or six ounces of wine by the glass can be offered to a client. The beer or wine can only be served during business hours and never later than 10 p.m.

Though a license or permit is not required for beauty salons and barbershops to serve complimentary beverages. The law states that it can only be done if the business is in good standing with the state board of barbering and cosmetology.
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