Newly elected Fresno mayor outlines his hopes for the city during packed luncheon

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A large crowd packed the Grand in Downtown Fresno to hear the Mayor's plan to make Fresno a better community. (KFSN)

A capacity crowd packed the Grand in Downtown Fresno to hear the Mayor's plan to make Fresno a better community.

Over chicken and waffles the newly elected mayor Lee Brand took the stage Tuesday to lay out his vision for the city under his leadership

"When you're the new person on, everybody wants to know what you're going to do. The Swearengin administration was very successful, did a great job in the transitions, but now this is the Brand administration so we have our own unique problems and carry over issues. Many challenges ahead of us but I believe I have solutions for those challenges."

Brand's stance to not make Fresno a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants and refugees following President Trump's executive order, has been challenged with great opposition. Tuesday's crowd was met by a small but vocal group of protesters as they arrived for the brunch.

"He's not respecting our family-- our family picks the food that goes on to everybody's plate. Whether they have numbers or not, whether they have papers or not, they should be respected and not deported and not treated with hate but treated with love," said Charles McNally, protester.

"I made it clear that Fresno is not a sanctuary city, but Fresno's polices for the last 15 years and policies of over 90-percent of the other police departments or cities is that the police department is not engaging in immigration enforcement period," said Brand.

Brand understands the fine line he is walking, but maintains his decision to not make Fresno a sanctuary city is what is best for the community

"I don't want to do anything that would jeopardize the city in receiving up to $250-million in federal funds. This city can use every dollar we can get. I'm looking out for the best interest of the people of Fresno."
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