Red Cross providing emotional help to Detwiler Fire victims

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A team of licensed clinicians are walking disaster victims through this tough time, and keeping them from falling into depression. (KFSN)

Everything Wanda and Clarence Corwin shared for 23 years is gone-- the Detwiler Fire destroyed it on day one.

"I walked around it and tears started coming to my eyes-- we've been here so long and it looks so different," said Clarence.

There is not much left, just charred remains standing on a foundation. The memories-- pictures of the two kids they raised here, Wanda's wedding dress-- it was all fuel for the flames.

"It really stresses you out, I mean-- the first three days, I was just walking around like mummified and wasn't associating much cause I didn't really have the words to say," Clarence said.

Clarence is starting to find the words with help from the American Red Cross. Jennifer Farrell is a volunteer who came here to simply listen.

"They're stressed, they're tired, they're not eating, and they're not sleeping-- just reminding people to stay in that moment and to focus on their basic needs."

There are nine other volunteers just like Farrell in a team of licensed clinicians walking disaster victims like the Corwins through this tough time, and keeping them from falling into depression.

"It's helping people find the bright side of it, that they're still here and that there's community and the Mariposa community has been great," said Farrell.

Wanda and Clarence agree.

Wanda said, "The stuff that burnt, most of it can be replaced."

They can rebuild and they can move forward. It will take time and as long as they have each other the Corwins said they will be okay.

"No matter what we lose on this Earth, if we have family and friends, and now we have our grand babies, those are the things that are important," said Wanda.

This assistance will be at Mariposa High School again Wednesday. These volunteers are also willing to drive out to the victims-- if that is something you need, the Red Cross said just give them a call.
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