Visalia teen will head to trial for deadly hit and run

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Wednesday, a Tulare County judge found there was enough evidence to hold a trial for Chaylin Funez, the 18-year-old accused of murdering Visalia father and husband Eric Fisher.

The preliminary hearing lasted two days-exhausting and emotionally draining for Fisher's family.

"I relive (it) every day but just hearing it again it's difficult," said Eric's wife, Alice Aleman-Fisher.

The prosecutor argued that Funez was the driver of a car that intentionally plowed into Fisher near his home after Fisher had tried to break up an argument between Funez's boyfriend and another man.

A Visalia Police collision reconstruction expert testified that evidence from the scene indicates the driver of the vehicle did not use brakes and probably applied the gas before running into Fisher at around 25 mph.

After hitting him, Funez then allegedly backed up over him and dragged him down Prospect Avenue, as his family pleaded for her to stop.

Aleman-Fisher says she still lives in the same house with her daughters. But because of what happened, they don't feel safe there anymore and might move soon.

"There's a lot of memories there," she said. "But now those have been blurred and tainted with the memory of my husband and what occurred on that tragic day."

Alice says she has strong support from family and friends. Co-workers are helping her set up a scholarship foundation in memory of her husband. In turn, she's being a strong mother for her daughters.

She knows that's what Eric would want. She says he loved helping others, and being outside, and was doing both before he died.

"I believe in a lot of ways Eric was his brother's keeper," Aleman-Fisher said. "Even if he didn't know you and he saw someone in need, he was going to stop and try and help you in some way."
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