Valley Spotlight: Golden 1 Credit Union

Golden 1 Credit Union is offering $2,000 towards closing costs on all first mortgages through June 30th.

Whether you are refinancing or buying a house, that $2,000 credit can be used to buy down your interest rate or pay closing costs.

When you buy a house you typically need to pay title fees, lender fees, taxes, insurance, and transfer taxes. With this $2,000 promotion, most of those costs could be covered.

Another option is to use the $2,000 credit to buy down your interest rate. So for example, if you're qualified for a certain rate based on your credit score, you can use $2,000 to bring the interest rate down even lower, giving you a lower monthly payment.

Everyone who lives or works in California is eligible to join Golden 1 Credit Union.

Since 1933, Golden 1 has worked to deliver financial solutions and provide value, convenience and exceptional service to members. Golden 1 is nonprofit and member owned, so they are committed to the members and not the shareholders.
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