Good Sports: Jalen Green

When we last left Memorial high basketball player, Jalen Green, was in an empty gym over the summer working on his game. Now, in just his sophomore season, that hard work is showing up in the form of amazing plays and a recruiting ranking as the top sophomore in the country according to ESPN.

"A lot has changed, like my agility has changed. My half court game has changed. The chemistry has changed a lot, I've just been in the gym more," said Green.

"His work ethic really has improved. Just putting the time in the gym, he's become a much better shooter and better all-around player," said Memorial head coach Brad Roznovsky.

The top college basketball programs have taken notice. Green is up to 15 offers and that number is sure to grow for the super sophomore who's become somewhat of a social media sensation with crowds watching his every move on the court.

"I really just block out most of that stuff and try and just focus on me and my school work, so I really don't focus on that outside things like Instagram, social media and things like that," said Green.

With all the additional attention, Green's focus remains on winning a Valley championship and making a run at State this season.

"It's something we want bad. We all want to win, we know we should have won that last year. We slipped up and fell. Got to get this win for Coach Roz."
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