Fresno residents can now monitor water usage online

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you live in Fresno, there's no need to pry open the water meter box and deal with dirt and bugs to figure out how much water you are using.

Now, it's just a click away on a cell phone or computer on the EyeOnWater app.

"It's a great system," says Bud Tickel, interim assistant director for the Department of Public Utilities. "We have been waiting a long time. This system is going to allow a lot of people to see and control what they are doing with their own water."

Fresno water meters have been fitted with remote monitoring devices for several years. The devices electronically transmit the readings to a central computer system. Now the city is hoping to let the public get instant access will spur water conservation.

Fresno City Manager Wilma Quan-Schecter explains, "Just to make sure our customers are empowered with information to conserve water, save money, just to make sure they have the data at their fingertips as we do."

To set up access to the system, you'll need to find your water bill and get your account number. Or you can call the city Public Utilities and Billing Collections to get it.

Once you've got the number, you go to and sign up. There are phone apps for both android and apple phones

LINK: Sign up for EyeOnWater access

On the site or app, you can set up alerts when water use exceeds limits, or if the system detects a leak.

"The EyeOnWater website is smart enough to understand a 24-hour period of constant usage indicates a leak and will alert the customer to a leak, through either their email or text message," says Steve Deedon with the City of Fresno.

The City believes that alerting customers to leaks can help reduce water use.

The drought imposed stringent watering restrictions statewide. Fresno was able to meet or exceed the reductions. Each house was using about 300 gallons a day, or about 70 gallons per person. Most of that going to outdoor watering.

With the eye on water online monitoring system, only you can see the data, unless you share your account information with somebody else.
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