'Zap and Chat': New jewelry trend gaining popularity in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Alana Little, the owner of Make Pie Not War, has been designing jewelry since 2007 and you've probably seen her pieces around town in stores or on social media.

Now she's offering something unique to the Valley, forever jewelry.

"It's like a little dainty I weld onto your body," said Little.

She calls this new service Zap and Chat.

"I like people to sit down with me and get to know them," Little says. "I kind of feel like a nail girl a little bit, really close them touching their hand and I'm like 'tell me about your life, what's going on,' so we are having this really special moment, like me and each customer, where they kind of get a little, like to know me a little better and I get to know them a little better too ."

And business is heating up.

"A lot of people get best friend bracelets or whatever. It's just like a really easy piece you don't have to think a lot about," said Little.

The process of zapping on the bracelet is different from soldering and will not burn you.

She uses this special machine to weld on the bracelet.

"It's just a really fun experience. I've had my on since the beginning of May and I love it," said Cassey James, a Zap Jewelry customer.

'Zap and Chat' wasn't Alana's idea.

James is not only a friend of Alana's but a fellow business owner who gave her a little push.

"I'm so glad that she ended up going for it because I think it has been a huge success," said James.

"She really was right. It's something really unique and fun that we can offer and now one really, that I'm away of in the area does anything like it," said Little.

While this jewelry is not meant to be taken off but if you get tired of it don't worry.

"If you really want it off you can cut it off or you can rip it off if you really wanted to get crazy," said Little.

If you are looking to get zapped she will be at the Fresno Women's Summit next weekend.

Prices for the bracelets start at $30.
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