Disturbing Testimony in Madera

KFSN The judge Monday ruled there is enough evidence for Alejandro Amaya to face a jury. Defense attorneys say Amaya is not completely innocent, but that he made a terrible mistake.

Alejandro Amaya walked into court with his gaze toward the ground and kept his head down throughout the entire hearing.

Craig Collins, Defense Attorney: "He had his hands clinched forward and was basically as far as I'm concerned, praying the whole time. He is a scared young man."

But witnesses for the prosecution testified it was the six year old girl Amaya allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted who was truly terrified.

Officer Noriega: "She pleaded with him that she wanted her mommy and she told him to stop."

Madera police officer Marcy Noriega described responding to a 911 call from the victim's panicked mother in August after someone grabbed her sleeping daughter through an open window in their Central Madera home.

Officer Noriega: "She told me while she was sleeping, she heard her 6 year old daughter scream out and she looked up and saw her being pulled through the window."

Noriega said there were footprints matching Amaya's shoes near the window and along the riverbed where police say he took the young girl.

Forensic Nurse: "I did a head to toe examination."

a Forensic Nurse Pathologist explained there were clear signs of sexual assault when she examined the victim.

Defense attorney Craig Collins says Amaya was drunk and suffering from mental health problems at the time. And he says the 33 year old is very sorry for his actions.

Craig Collins: "He knows he's done something wrong and it's up to me to find out what that is and try to address his situation in his best interest."

If convicted, Amaya faces 80 to 100 years in prison.

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