Blue Man's Rise to Fame

February 20, 2008 The "Blue Man" of Madera County is home in the Valley Tuesday night after appearing on several national T.V. shows. Action News introduced you to Paul Karason in December. His use of a home medical remedy turned his skin blue. Since then he's become an internet sensation and his latest national T.V. appearance came today on "Oprah".

Paul calls his rise to fame "blue madness." He doesn't understand it, but he's riding the wave, and learning that lots of people like him.

"Someplace I never thought I would be, Oprah Winfrey Show," said Karason.

In addition to all the network and cable news channels have done stories, hundreds of thousands have seen Paul on you tube and he's been featured in people magazine. "Blue madness. I can understand a certain amount of curiosity but this has just gotten way out of hand," said Karason.

Karason's story went nationwide shortly after Action News interviewed him back in December. The video has been watched over half a million times on YouTube.

"Everything went crazy," Karason exclaimed, "People wanting phone interviews or, you name it, the phone never quit ringing, never quit ringing, people from all over the place, UK, Germany, Chile, Korea."

Paul says because of his condition, he used to avoid people, but because of all this exposure, things have changed. "It was amazing, every place I'd go I'd draw a crowd, everybody was friendly, everybody was friendly."

Local folks also seem to be accepting Paul, as he is. "They're pretty cool, I'm not getting any astonished looks." I'm getting looks of recognition; I get a lot of people come up and compliment me."

Paul's fiancée Jackie Northup has accompanied Paul on all his trips. "I enjoy when they come up to him and start going yeah Paul, c'mon blue man. And, they'll come up and hug him and want pictures of him. The enthusiasm and the acceptance is what's wonderful," she said.

Acceptance is important to Paul. He moved to California, from Oregon because folks there thought he was just too weird. Now, he's getting ready for even more exposure. "Jimmy Kimmell Live, Maury Povich, David Letterman, Leno."

He's not sure which show's he will do. But TV crews from Germany and England are heading his way. And while Paul is enjoying his moment of fame, he's not making any money on it, though a book deal and other options may be in the works. "I've sort of got a little faith that something good will come out of it. So, I'll go along with it."

Paul turned blue because he drinks a substance called colloidal silver, an old anti-bacterial medication, and rubbed it on his skin. The resulting medical condition is called Agyria, and while Paul is permanently blue, on the inside and out, so far, there've been no medical complications, just lots of attention.

"I should start selling instructions, how to turn blue," joked Karason.

Karason claims that while he's trying to make the most of his fame, he says he didn't plan to turn blue, it happened gradually over 14 years. If he knew what he knows know, it to, he wouldn't have turned blue.

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