Fresno Unified Budget Cuts

Fresno Fresno Unified's Superintendent Michael Hanson says they're not being fired but re-assigned.

Michael Hanson, FUSD Superintendent: "When people talk about pink slips and being laid off their talking about losing a job not being employed and what we're saying very clearly is we're doing all we can to protect and keep all of the people we have employed they may just not be in the same positions that they were."

Hanson says the vice principal may be transferred into the classroom as a teacher. The administration changes are a result of the $5-billion dollar state budget cuts in education. Hanson pointed out the staff isn't being laid off because the district has built up a healthy financial reserve and can absorb employees.

"Our board has been incredibly prudent and we're in as good a shape as we possibly can be to go through one of the most disastrous budgets we've seen for public education."

Not every Fresno Unified Employee is being spared. District Chief Financial Officer Ruth Quinto says cuts will be made at the central office.

Ruth Quinto, FUSD Chief Financial Officer: "Instead we are going to start with central and administrative support services and take our reductions for next year there first."

Hanson wouldn't tell me if any principals will be affected in this re-alignment but he did say instructional coaches and intervention teachers will be. The Fresno Teacher's Association says while members don't like to see anyone's job affected they're glad the cuts are being made starting from the top.

David Coss, Fresno Teachers Association: "We're pleased that at this point in time the district is doing everything it can to keep it away from the classroom."

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