Photographer Accused of Not Delivering

Fresno "Really, you can't blow these up. You can't make them into an album"

This is all Jennifer and Paul Pair have to remember their 2005 wedding.

Jennifer Pair: "It's pretty much useless I don't have anything to really show for it."

The pairs paid their photographer Denton Gerow of DG Studios two-thousand dollars.

"We trusted him, he steals our money, our images, our memories"

The pairs never got their promised prints or albums from Gerow. Neither did Mike McBrearty and his wife Monica, despite paying twenty-two-hundred dollars

Mike McBrearty: "For something that's such an important part of someone's life, you know, be true to what your word is. You know, we sat with them. Their word was they're going to deliver on it, we signed a contract, that's what I expect someone to do."

In all, 37 couples said Gerow took their money and wouldn't return calls or e-mails.

"Please turn that off. Denton you disappeared, this was the only place to find you."

Action news tracked down Gerow and confronted him while he was taking pictures at an outdoor concert in 2006.

Then The District Attorney's Office Launched Its Own Investigation. Officers Served A Search Warrant At Denton Gerow's home, seized his cameras, computers, and most importantly, pictures.

Investigators recovered thousands of original images, which they passed on to the couples on discs.

Instead of prosecuting Gerow on criminal charges the DA's office settled this civil enforcement case against him last week.

As part of the settlement Gerow agreed to adhere to better business practices by maintaining contact with clients at least 45 days, providing written invoices every 45 days, and he's prohibited from using any images of his victims. Any violation of this court order could result in fines and penalties.

"I can't believe that's the solution they came up with. That he can promise to do a better job where he didn't fulfill his promises to me and all the other couples he deceived."

The DA's office declined an interview for our story. But told action news it did the best it could due to a lack of evidence.

In trying to prove Gerow really intended to steal from his clients or was just a bad businessman.

Action news returned to Gerow's home last week his wife Jennifer, also named in the DA's case, answered the door.

She did not want to speak to us on camera but told us. Everything had been resolved and she and Denton were trying to move on with their lives. She promised Denton would contact us. He did not.

The DG Studios website is shut down. The company no longer appears to be in business. But clients fear, there's nothing stopping Denton Gerow from starting up all over again.

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