Sierra Vista Mall Expansion

Clovis New artwork and new shops have moved into the Clovis shopping center and now the hope is that customers will follow.

His artwork is on display around the world but you only have to travel as far as the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis to see the work of artist Cedric Wentworth. This 21 foot, three ton steel and bronze art piece is part of the final touches to the mall's 100-thousand square foot expansion among the latest additions Tacone Flavor Grill. The restaurant opened for business three weeks ago.

Rebecca Reyes, Tacone Flavor Grill: "That first Monday it was slow, and then last Monday it was really busy I think it depends on what shows are showing at the movie theater."

Mall Manager Greg Newman says the theater and new stores like Jamba Juice and Chipotle are bringing more people to the mall, after a drop in sales in 2007.

Greg Newman, Sierra Vista Mall: "It was a little bit slower than what we've experienced in the past but with the addition of the movie theater and what we've done out here we have seen increased traffic inside the mall."

New lighting and seating areas are planned inside outside, a park area, fountains and fire-pits and while 10-percent of the stores still sit empty, five new shops are set to open by early summer a total of ten by the end of the year.

Spike Spiker, Shopper: "It's probably going to be pretty cool and you don't have to drive all the way to River Park neither so the thing we're worried about is that it's going to get too crowded before too long."

Councilmember Nathan Magsig is hoping for those crowds because more people spending at Sierra Vista Mall, means less people taking their money out of town.

Nathan Magsig, Clovis Councilmember: "Centers like this generate not only jobs but new economic activity. As people come out and spend dollars, those dollars will help not only this center but the budget in the City of Clovis."

Among the stores scheduled to open this summer Panera Bakery Cafe, Powell's Sweet Shoppe, a sandwich place and a pizza parlor.

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