Lipo Dangers

Doctors say this is the time of year when more people get cosmetic procedures but what should you watch out for?

Tonight on abc's "20/20" several women have a word of warning about a popular treatment called, "Lipo Dissolve" which we profiled here on action news. Anchor Margot Kim shows us what you need to know "before you lipo".

Nancy Kelly was sick of hearing her young son call her "Santa belly."

Nancy Kelly, Had liposuction: "I diet, I exercise, I eat right. It's just I had a big tummy."

Nancy decided it was time for liposuction. Beth also opted for lipo because she just couldn't get the results she wanted from diet and exercise alone.

Beth Steele, Liposuction Patient: "Just from working out the little areas that you just can't get to be where you want them to be, so I'm making that perfect."

Both of these women were considered good candidates for liposuction. The requirements are the same for lipo suction or the less invasive, Lipo Dissolve. In February, action news showed you how Lipo Dissolve works by injecting a soy-based material directly into fat cells.

Patients can notice those areas shrinking as fat is dissolved.

But if you don't already maintain a healthy lifestyle before lipo or Lipo Dissolve. It's likely you won't get the results you're looking for.

Other factors you need to consider before you go under the suction or the Lipo Dissolve needle.

Roger Bassin, MD: "Anybody who has any type of significant medical history we're always going to make sure they get a clearance note from their general doctor."

Before you decide on a doctor, make sure he or she is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. The combination of choosing the right doctor and being an ideal patient gave Beth the results she was hoping for.

Lipo Dissolve is not approved by the food and drug administration. Experts suggest before you get the treatment, to ask your doctor if the material used in the "fat-dissolving" injection is considered a "naturally occurring" chemical, similar to what the body itself, produces.

You can see "20/20's" special report on Lipo Dissolve Friday at 10 o'clock here on abc30.

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