"Dog Pound" Gang Injunction

Fresno, CA The prosecutor in written documents refereed to the "Dog Pound" gang members as urban terrorists. A judge said he will sign on Wednesday morning an injunction against the gang. After that, about 20 gang members will no longer be allowed to associate with each other especially in this neighborhood.

Renee Belt has seen her neighborhood change over the years. Belt said, "When I was growing up, this was called the country. They called us the country girls." Belt lives on the outside of what she calls "Brookhaven". But gangsters call it the "Dog Pound". We asked several residents to talk with us on camera about the gang infestation, but only Belt agreed. Some feared for their safety. It's that fear the district attorney wants to battle.

Tuesday afternoon, none of the gang members appeared in court as a judge indicated he will sign the injunction. The prosecutor declined to comment on camera. The injunction carries a dozen restrictions. Some of them include: "Dog Pound Gangsters" must stay away from alcohol anywhere in public view. No forcible recruiting which means they can't threaten anyone in order to join their group, and no blocking a member from leaving the gang.

Belt wants the injunction in order to protect what she says is precious to the future. Belt said, "You know, a lot of good kids are in this neighborhood in this neighborhood, and they are getting corrupted by the bad kids ... So if the judge can stop it, he'll help a lot of kids out around here."

These gang injunctions are like larger scale restraining orders. The penalties for violating an injunction range from fines to even jail time. Judge Donald Black is expected to make the injunction official by signing the document Wednesday morning.

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