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Pastor Jim Franklin of Fresno's Cornerstone Church addressed church leaders Thursday night and even brought up the latest poll results as he talked to pastors across the state. Franklin spoke during a simulcast that aired throughout the state aimed at rallying support for Proposition 8. "It's informing them about where we're at, what we're up against, but most important to encourage them, that if God is for us, who can be against us?" said Lisa Redondo with Cornerstone Church.

The latest Action News poll mirrors other state polls that show Prop 8 opponents have a slight lead statewide. Those results are no surprise to Wendy Lisbon-Slack, who says the gay and lesbian community is seeing more and more support from so-called 'straight allies'. "I believe they start to equate with it with civil rights, that it's equal for everyone," said Lisbon-Slack.

Lisbon slack recently married her wife in the couple's second ceremony. "It was almost more significant than the first one, because we felt equal," said Lisbon-Slack.

But if Prop 8 opponents are hoping for success, they're not likely to win that battle here in the central valley. According to our exclusive Action News poll, 53 % in our area said they'd vote 'yes', while 42 % said they'd vote 'no'. 5 % said they weren't certain.

Ken Boyd, the area director for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, believes it's just a matter of time before voters statewide agree with those in the central valley. "Just a week or two ago, we were approximately 10 percentage points behind, now we're 5 percentage points behind. So as people gain knowledge, and understanding, especially when they understand the effects, they'll vote 'yes' on Prop 8," said Boyd.


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