Pit-Bull Attacks 13-Yr-Old Boy during Super Bowl Party

Fresno, CA, USA Detectives say Melissa Marcrum made her 70 pound pit bull attack her teenage nephew because she had been drinking and thought it was funny. But now he's in the hospital, and she's here in jail facing child endangerment charges.

This is the Hilmar home where Merced County Sheriff's Deputies say Melissa Marcrum told her pit-bull, Kane, to attack her 13 year old nephew. They say it happened during a family gathering on Super Bowl Sunday.

Isabel Bingle said, "When I seen all the blood on his arm I ran to my room because I got scared, I freaked, because all that blood, I'm not used to seeing all that blood so I got kind of scared."

Isabel Bingle is the victim's grandmother and Marcrum's mother. She says her daughter would never intentionally hurt her nephew. But deputies say the 35 year old had been drinking and apparently thought it was funny to antagonize the teen because he was terrified of the dog.

Deputy Tom MacKenzie from the Merced Co. Sheriff's Office said, "She had actually done it earlier in the day, and forced the kid through one of the bedrooms, and he climbed through the window and the dog gave up and came back. So it wasn't an isolated incident, she had done it several times."

Deputy Tom Mackenzie says the attack happened after the boy and his friend ran out to a car in the driveway to get away from Kane.

"When our suspect came out and said the dog won't hurt you, open the door, that's when the dog actually attacked our 13 year old victim," said Deputy MacKenzie.

Family members rushed him to a Turlock hospital where he's still being treated. Meanwhile, Kane has been surrendered to animal control. Bingle admits this wasn't the first time the pit-bull acted aggressively, but says it was his worst attack.

"He bit people before, but not like that, no, not that bad no, where they had to go to the hospital, no," said Bingle.

A county spokesperson says Kane is under quarantine and will be evaluated after 10 days. If he's considered to be a risk to public safety he will likely be put to sleep.

Marcrum is being held here at the jail on a 50 thousand dollar bond.


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