Exclusive Interviews with Debbie Hawk's Sister and Son

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We traveled down to Orange County and sat down with both Debbie Hawk's son and sister about life after the trial. They also gave us some insight into Debbie and Dave's troubled marriage and told us some things that weren't mentioned during the trial.

More than three years after her disappearance and presumed murder ... Debbie's family says they still remember the anxiety Debbie felt about Dave and always suspected him of murdering Debbie.

Debbie Hawk's sister /*Diane Triantis*/ said, "My sister was very fearful of him and there's a lot of things you can't say in a court of law but she had told me, my parents, many of her friends on many occasions that she was afraid of Dave Hawk."

Triantis says /*Dave Hawk*/ had a history of physical abuse that wasn't brought up during the trial. She said, "She'd even gone so far as to say if something ever happens to me you'll know to look at him."

Debbie's body has never been found. Debbie and Dave's three children were the first to find her blood in her house.

Debbie and Dave's son /*Conrad Hawk*/ said, "We didn't know what we were walking into."

Conrad testified against his dad during the trial. He didn't want to show his face on camera, but says his father physically abused him shortly after Debbie disappeared, prompting Child Protective Services to place him in foster care. Conrad believed his father was responsible for his mother's murder from the moment she went missing.

Conrad said, "Tried to be rational afterwards and think let's think about this logically there's got to be a reasonable explanation for this but with every passing hour it only reaffirmed and thought that it was my father."

Conrad's home is now here at Cal-State Fullerton where he just started his sophomore year. The school is also just a short drive away from his Aunt Diane's house.

"Enjoying college just like anyone in college must and it's a great experience and I'm just trying to move forward," said Conrad.

Dave Hawk was convicted of taking money out of his children's trust accounts, which the children testified were supposed to be used to pay for college. Conrad is going to school on a full academic scholarship. Chelsa is working with her aunt on how to pay for college next year.

Triantis said, "We've spoken to a lot of financial aid people so between financial aid hopefully she won't have to get too much the way of loans."

Diane and Conrad hope Debbie is forever remembered in the community as a devoted mother who loved life and made people smile. They're thankful Hawk will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

Conrad said, "I just want to thank everyone who worked in this case to bring my mom her long awaited justice."

"I miss having a sister I have no other siblings and even though justice was served I'll never have her back," said Triantis.

Conrad says he still talks to his younger sisters, Chelsa and Savannah, who are living with Dave's parents in Lemoore. Chelsa stood by her father during the trial. 13-year old Savannah, has remained neutral.

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