New Fishing Hole in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. A steady stream of water sends nearly 500 rainbow trout flopping into the pond at Southwest Fresno's Regional Sports Park.

"It's pretty cool I'm going to tell my parents about this then we can come," said 9-year-old Jesse Medina.

Weighing in at three-quarters to a pound, many already have plans for their catch. "Take it home, clean it, cook it, and eat it," said 12-year-old Dajohn Stamps.

Normally the California Department of Fish and Game stocks ponds in the mountains. Now, they have an opportunity to get fresh fish closer to urban areas.

Randy Cooper with Fresno Parks and Recreation said, "Most of the kids are from southwest, southeast Fresno, central. They don't have an opportunity to go fishing now they will have it in their back yard."

Kids can also fish in Woodward Park. This location at the Sports Complex sits next to an old landfill that is no longer in use. Fresno Parks Director Randy Cooper said the water here is tested often and it's safe.

"The water comes off the mountain it's cleaner than drinking water. The lake is connected to an underground canal there is no problem with the fish."

Because of the city's proposed budget cuts, Parks and Recreation could lose four centers and programs at 11 sites. Officials say they will continue to find creative ways to provide free activities for children and their families.

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