Decline to State Voters Are On the Rise

FRESNO, Calif. During the presidential primary season of 2008 candidates danced to the hard line tunes of their parties. Ultimately, Barack Obama became president. Action News political analyst Tony Capozzi says it was by preaching a centrist message, "Obama was more to the middle than McCain was and he won the election." And by May of last year the number of centrist oriented registered voters grew in California to 20 percent, "The Republicans are too far to the right and the Democrats are too far to the left. And there's no one to represent that body politic in the middle."

The trend to go independent is evident at the Fresno County elections office, too. As of January 13th this year Democratic Party roles increased by more than 4-thousand registered voters. While republican roles declined by almost 4 thousand. Fresno County Clerk, Victor Salazar says that change is dramatic, "They are nearly equal and that's a significant change from a year ago" At the same nearly 8-hundred 'Decline to State' voters were added to the rolls bringing more than 43-thousand votes that could go one way or the other in this year's political contests, "So this large group, this 43-thousand registered voters truly hold the balance of power."

Capozzi believes the trend will continue to be a factor in 2010, "They're waiting to see who the candidate is to determine whether that's the person they want in office." And during California's June primary 'Decline to State' voters may choose the ballot with which ever candidates they favor- Republican or Democrat.

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