Marijuana, tattoo and porn shops

FRESNO, Calif. This little shopping complex in Tarpey Village features two gun shops, two liquor stores, a tattoo parlor, an adult video store and three marijuana dispensaries.

Longtime Tarpey Village resident Tom Newberry isn't happy about it.

"It was always safe. This is all new to me. It's like being back in LA again. I mean, it's just not right," Tom Newberry said.

The adult store first got neighbors riled up. Now the pot dispensaries are a new concern.

Some neighboring businesses said they had no problems with the marijuana stores, but some did.

Nobody wanted to go on camera.

Even neighbors who are mobilizing to fight the stores want to remain anonymous.

"The neighborhood is not happy with it. They want things changed and the sooner it's changed the better. This is a residential area we do not need the porn store or medicinal marijuana. It's making the neighborhood trashy," one concerned neighbor said.

A neighborhood meeting has been scheduled with County Supervisor Debbie Poochigian. She represents this district and wants the residents to know she is concerned. The county has closed the adult book store; the marijuana shops may be next.

"This is an issue cities and counties around the state are dealing with and are looking at that as well we are looking into Federal and State laws and I expect we will have an ordinance as well," County Supervisor Debbie Poochigian said.

The shops seem to have a steady stream of customers, but operators, and their attorney would'nt talk with us. If Fresno County joins the cities of Fresno and Clovis in restricting these operations, they know they'll have to find a new home, which is fine with some of the neighbors.

"You want your kids walking by marijuana places. Porn places?" Newberry said.

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