Turn up the Juice, Testing Home Juicers

FRESNO, Calif. Juice bars serving up freshly squeezed drinks attract people looking for a wholesome snack. To see how home juicers measure up; Consumer Reports testers evaluated 11, including the heavily advertised Jack Lalanne's Power Juicer Pro.

Consumer Reports, Dan Diclerico said, "The Jack Lalanne Juicer goes for $150-dollars. The other juicers ranged in price from $70-dollars to $300."

Testers made orange juice ... and carrot juice ... as well as tomato juice ... and apple juice. They measured just how much juice each machine could squeeze out of the same amount of produce. Some created a lot more juice than others.

When making fresh juice, you want to be sure to take some food-safety precautions. First, thoroughly wash produce -- even if you're going to peel it.

Then, before putting the fruit or vegetables in the juicer, dry them with a clean cloth or paper towel. That can help further reduce the risk of bacteria.

Many of the juicers were very noisy. Jack Lalanne's Power Juicer Pro promises it's quiet. And it was the least noisy juicer in the tests. But it was also the only juicer tested that had a problem with jamming.

Consumer Reports says there's a better choice for about half the price.

It's the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro. And at $80-dollars, it's a Consumer Reports best buy.

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