Hammer Time at Tehipite Middle School

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MC Hammer is no stranger to the Valley, and Monday -- he talked with a group of middle school students, inspiring them to reach for their dreams.

Surrounded by students, shaking hands and signing autographs, MC Hammer talked one-on-one with Tehipite Middle School Students.

Students from the Valley say they identified with and were inspired by his personal rags to riches story.

MC Hammer's actual name is Stanley Burrell, he says he came from humble beginnings in Oakland and began entertaining at the age of 5. Growing up he says he fought to stay away from trouble.

The three time Grammy winner who sold over 50 million albums is participating in the Reach for the Stars Program.

Tehipite Special Education Teacher Ron Mortanian created the program over 25 years ago. Since then nearly 200 celebrities have visited the Valley to help students stay in school.

Hammer talked with students about topics ranging from business to politics to music -- and to believe that anything is possible.

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