Tied up, guns in face, home invasion victim breaks free

FRESNO, Calif.

Jim Bos owns this dairy here and he went out to check on his cattle late at night, like he does every night. When he came back, three men had beaten him inside his home and they ambushed him.

They shoved guns in his face and he says he thought he was about to die. "My whole head hurts," he said.

Bos believes he's recovering from a near death experience.

Armed robbers left him with red marks all over his head and a feeling that he's never safe, even in his own home. He had just returned to his unlocked house when the robbers overcame him in a hallway.

"They pointed all the guns at me and they go, 'Get down on the floor!'" he said. "[They] started kicking me in the head and saying, 'Where's the money? Where's the money?'"

Bos showed sheriff's deputies the pickup truck where he led the robbers to some cash. But it wasn't enough to satisfy the three men.

They kept kicking him and even pulled the trigger on a gun twice, trying to intimidate Bos. They started ransacking the house, looking everywhere for more valuables.

When they were all on the other side of the house, Bos made his move. He broke free from the ropes the robbers used to bind him, and he ran to a nearby farm worker's house to call the police.

"You know, if I didn't untie myself and get away, I don't know," he said.

Sheriff's detectives collected evidence from the scene. They've dealt with 24 home invasion robberies this year and they're hoping one of those cases can shed light on this one.

"That's one of the things they'll do first is to check with other agencies and even check on some of our own home invasion robberies to see if there are any similarities," he said.

Bos says he couldn't give investigators much of a description of the suspects. He says all he really saw were the guns.

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