Home invasion arrest in Fresno County, 2 more suspects at large

FRESNO, Calif.

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Investigators say three suspects targeted three homes in a 24 hour period last weekend all within a mile of one another just outside of Kerman.

Authorities are making this case a top priority. They brought in swat officers to zero in on one suspect. And the two others still on the loose are believed to be armed and dangerous.

SWAT officers moved quickly to serve a search warrant at a home in central Fresno Thursday.

Deputies arrested 30-year-old Scotty Henson. They say he and two relatives attacked a woman and her two children last Friday in a brazen home invasion robbery near Kerman. The suspects got away with a computer and some jewelry.

"They did this home invasion robbery at 4:30 in the afternoon. Broad daylight. And they were armed. They expected somebody to be confronting somebody. So it's a very dangerous kind of crime to occur." said sheriff Margaret Mims.

Investigators say an alert neighbor gave them a description of the suspect's vehicle which led to the arrest. But deputies are still looking for David and Justin Henson -- Scotty's brother and cousin. Both are considered to be armed and dangerous.

"Now begins the work. When we have the people in custody now we know fingerprints. Now we'll have shoe tracks and those kinds of clues for other burglaries." added Mims.

Sheriff's investigators also responded to an at least two other violent break-ins last weekend in the same area.

Just before the home invasion robbery last Friday three men ransacked this home's garage after sneaking in through a window.

Then on Saturday investigators say a woman spotted three men wearing masks trying to open her patio door. She quickly sounded the alarm and the men ran off.

Detectives can't say for sure if the Henson's are suspects in these crimes but the investigation is ongoing.

Sheriff Margaret Mims says their recently formed home invasion task force will be responsible for finding the remaining suspects. We're told they have a violent criminal history.

If you have any information you're urged to call the authorities

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