Lawmakers blast VWR's relocation to Visalia plan

FRESNO, California

The move was discussed at a meeting in the city of Brisbane Monday morning. We told you earlier this year about the relocation of VWR, a scientific instrument supply company.

VWR has plans to move from Brisbane in San Mateo County to Visalia. But more than 100 employees will lose their jobs and the city of Brisbane will lose half of all sales taxes it collects if the move happens.

A special tax designation will allow the company to receive tens of thousands of dollars in state tax credits with the move. Critics said it's an example of state law running amok, and robs one community to benefit another.

Brisbane City Manager, Clay Holstine said, "It's just not good for anybody, and I don't think that in a sober moment that a city like Visalia would look at this and say this is good either."

There are other concerns about VWR's move to Visalia. The Teamsters Union has filed a lawsuit claiming transportation of some chemicals will negatively impact the area.

The Teamsters have represented workers at VWR's Bay Area facility for more than fifty years.

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