Prominent Chowchilla businessman accused of grand theft

MERCED, Calif.

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Dubose is in the Madera County Jail on a $600,000 bail. Chowchilla Police arrested him at his home, but the crimes he's accused of happened years ago.

Dubose is a former mayor of Chowchilla and he's owned a car dealership and other buisnesses, including real estate buisnesses. Some of those business dealings landed him in civil court and his attorney says he did pay out some settlements after being sued for fraud.

Charles McGill says the city dug up those old issues to go after dubose, beacuse of a personal problem between him and his brother in law, who is a city council member. "So we've got an inner family battle, with the politics of a little city, using the politics of the county, to use the political power of the courts to prosecute somebody over a business deal."

McGill said his client would get out of jail the next day. He hasn't been able to make bail over the last two days, but McGill expects it to be reduced.

Dubose is expected to arraigned at the Madera County Courthouse Tuesday morning.

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