Disbelief from neighbors on Buds 4 Life reopening

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News broke the story of Buds 4 Life gearing up for business Wednesday. Thursday, activity picked up at the building at Clovis and Garland, and neighbors expressed their fears to Action News.

When a reporter talked to a Buds 4 Life representative Wednesday, she said the dispensary was opening for deliveries and drive-up service on Friday. Thursday, we got a different story, but a county supervisor say it's still the same old game.

The "Buds 4 Life" sign reappeared this week on the green building on the south side of Tarpey Village. It popped up nearly four months after sheriff's deputies and federal agents raided the medical marijuana dispensary looking for proof the non-profit was making money. Thursday, a new sign went up at the same entrance.

A worker at the site says Central Valley World of Hemp will sell non-marijuana products from one section of the building. He says he's not sure if the marijuana dispensary would really reopen. But Fresno County law enforcement and political leaders believe that's the plan, and they're not happy.

"The bottom line from our perspective is they do not have a right to reopen," said county supervisor Henry Perea. "We have an ordinance that's in play right now."

Supervisors passed that ordinance in August. It forces marijuana dispensaries into a very small box -- limiting their operation to industrial areas away from schools, parks, and residential neighborhoods.

Buds 4 Life's neighbors say the raid in June was the best thing that could've happened because the dispensary attracts a lot of traffic, including a criminal element.

One woman is so scared, she says she might move, and she doesn't want us to show her face.

"That's the only thing that will drive us out of here," she said. "The neighbors are wonderful. We love it here. That's the only element we don't like."

A Buds 4 Life representative who admitted to Action News they're planning to reopen said they're trying to limit traffic concerns. But Perea says that doesn't matter: Any sales will be illegal.

"The fact that these people think they're above the law and they can do whatever they want... I don't think so," Perea said. "I think Fresno County will send that message to them loud and clear."

Fresno County will start enforcing the ordinance March 1, but there's also a moratorium on new dispensaries. Buds 4 Life would be considered new since it closed for almost four months.

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