Clovis shooting victim involved in high-profile case

FRESNO, Calif.

Action News has learned the victim of a shooting at a home at Herndon and Temperance was to be a key witness in a trial that was set to start Wednesday.

That trial was going to be assigned to a courtroom Wednesday, but this all started earlier this year when Joe Yzaguirre wore a wire and recorded his boss asking him to hire a hitman.

Of course, we don't know if the cases are related, but the timing of today's shooting is suspicious.

Video from an Action News viewer shows police storming into a Clovis home, hours after a man called police saying he'd been shot.

"The house is vacant, and there was concern the suspect could still be holed up inside," Janet Stoll-Lee of the Clovis Police Department said.

But that dramatic entry into the home was just part of Tuesday's drama.

In a bizarre twist, Action News learned that shooting victim is Joe Yzaguirre.

Video from June shows Yzaguirre being escorted into a Fresno County courtroom in June, when he testified against his former boss, Daljit Singh Multani.

His face blurred out for his safety.

In conversations recorded by Yzaguirre, Multani offered cash to have Fresno Planning Commissioner Rama Dawar killed.

Multani is now facing charges related to the murder for hire plot, but claims he never intended to go through with it.

Multani has been in jail since April, when this arrest warrant was signed, detailing conversations between him and Yzaguirre.

As for Tuesday's shooting, it's unknown why Yzaguirre was at a vacant home in Clovis, and police haven't made any arrests or named suspects.

Yzaguirre's condition is unknown, and the DA's office hasn't commented on the pending case.

Multani is represented by Action News legal analyst Tony Capozzi.

Capozzi said his client is in jail, and had nothing to do with the shooting. He also said his client is anxious to go to trial, and they're upset this will likely mean a delay.

Action News reporter Sontaya Rose also contributed to this report.

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