Some Fresno residents say American Ambulance noise is unbearable

FRESNO, Calif.

The American Ambulance company has been operating out of the location for the past 10 years and say it's an ideal spot because they're right next to Highway 41 and just blocks from Community Regional Medical Center. But some neighbors have complained that the noise from the sirens is unbearable and took their concerns to city hall Thursday morning.

Joe Morales took home video of the living conditions he and his family have had to endure because of the sirens coming from their neighbor, the American Ambulance dispatch center. "They wake us up every night, they've been doing this to us. It's not only affecting our quality of life, it's also affecting our health," said Joe Morales. Morales has lived in the area before the ambulance facility moved in and now wants them to find a new location. "We don't mind them being there, but we just want them to find a way for us to live in peace and where they can save lives," said Morales.

On Thursday, Morales, his family, and several neighbors took their grievances to the Fresno city council, hoping for a resolution. "This is inhumane, what American Ambulance is doing to the neighbors," said Morales. Morales showed video he recorded of himself being woken up by sirens in the middle of the night. Council members couldn't discuss the issue because it wasn't a scheduled agenda item but council president, Clint Olivier - who represents the area - expressed sympathy for those afflicted. "My staff and I will work with you and your neighbors and your family to get a report from American Ambulance and the community and find a path forward," said Clint Olivier.

American Ambulance has been at the location for about 10 years and recognizes the growing concern. "There is a problem that there is noise, but as the city grows, so does the need to respond to call. And as the urban area grows, there's a condensed population of responses of emergency vehicles in that metropolitan area," said Edgar Escobedo, director of business development with American Ambulance.

Officials with the company say they've worked with the residents and the city to mitigate some of their concerns - such as placing a wall and trees to block the emergency lights and some of the noise.

Still, neighbors say those actions have done little to minimize the sound. "The tall wall that they built there doesn't help. The trees that they put there, they just block from the lights flashing into all the neighbors' houses," said former resident Josephine Morales.

While some residents say they want the ambulance service provider to move out, others in the area say it hasn't been a problem for them. The ambulance company says it will continue to work with their neighbors to keep down the noise but doesn't plan on moving out.

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