S. Valley non-profit offering free tax prep help

FRESNO, Calif.

Community Services and Employment Training, or CSET, will be preparing income taxes for free.

The service is available to families who earn a household income of less than $50 thousand.

Small business owners whose expenses are less than $5 thousand can also take part.

Last year, CSET prepared taxes for more than 1700 families, which resulted in more than three-million dollars in returns.

"So what we're trying to do a lot of people say I make too little I don't have to file so all these credits are unclaimed so all this money is sitting there so we're trying to get people to come in we do their taxes completely free and take advantage of all these credits," Veronica Soria of CSET said.

People interested in participating in CSET's free tax help can do so at seven different offices across Tulare County.

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