Undercover drug bust at Woodlake High School


18-year-olds Steven Cruz and Martin Velasco are facing charges for selling drugs on Woodlake High School's campus.

Police originally planned on having an officer pose as a student at Woodlake High for eight weeks. But when an undercover operation at a neighboring school district came out to the public -- they said they had to shut down their sting to protect the officer's safety.

A rise in the number of students on Woodlake High School's campus who were under the influence of drugs -- prompted superintendent Tim Hire to go to Woodlake Police for help.

Officials ultimately decided a young-looking Porterville Police officer posing undercover as a Woodlake High student would help catch some of the people responsible for selling narcotics on campus.

The three week sting lead to the arrest of two seniors -- Steven Cruz and Martin Velasco-Ramos. Cruz is accused of selling marijuana, Velasco-Ramos -- prescription drugs.

The undercover operation began the first week of March and was supposed to last eight weeks. However, a drug bust also involving an undercover officer at nearby Exeter High School -- prompted officials to cut their investigation short.

Students at Woodlake High School were shocked that an officer was posing as a student on campus. Some of Velasco-Ramos' friends came to his defense, adding that the officer had been pestering the student for weeks.

Police tell us that Woodlake High students can expect another sting like this next year. They believe the stings are effective in getting kids to think twice about selling or using drugs.

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