Ani-Jam convention visits Downtown Fresno

August 18, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
A Japanese anime convention is bringing people to Downtown Fresno as their favorite characters are brought to life.

This concert is just a part of this weekend's Ani-Jam, an annual event that celebrates Japanese animation and culture.

Organizers say the event has grown year after year and for the first time, this year's event is being held at the Fresno Convention Center.

There, you can find all things anime including video games, table top games, and a vendor hall.

"If you're interested in anime, manga, anything considered "nerdy" it's $30 dollars a day and $35 for the whole weekend, and we're just here to represent the anime and nerd community," Danisha Gonzalez of Ani-Jam said.

Ani-Jam continues Sunday with panel discussions and a full day of other anime activities.