FPD confirms second car involved in child's death

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers say Lester Cox was struck by two cars around 7:15 Thursday night while crossing the street to greet his grandmother who had just arrived on a bus near Clinton and Warren Avenues.

"She actually yelled to him to stay put and not run across the street," said Lt. Tony Bennink. "He then ran across the street and was struck by a vehicle in the number one westbound lane. This vehicle struck him and knocked him into the number one eastbound lane where he was struck by a second vehicle."

Lt. Bennink said neither driver was at fault in the collision, but one of them could now face felony charges after taking off from the scene.

"They have a responsibility to stop and render aid and to identify themselves for being a part of that accident," said Lt. Bennink. "So at this point they're wanted for felony hit and run."

Lester was a sixth grader at Homan elementary school and was a member of the campus football team.

On Friday, a team of crisis counselors were called in to help grieving students deal with the loss of their classmate. Principal Suzanne Jones told Action News, about three dozen students sought out their services.

"This is a really sad day for his family, our school and our entire community," she said. "He was a child full of happiness, full of life and was loved by all of the students."

In the meantime, parents and guardians spent extra time, before and after school, teaching kids how to safely cross a busy intersection.

Action News spotted Jose Dominguez instructing his five year old grandson on how to properly use a crosswalk and how to wait for the cars to stop, if he sees oncoming traffic.

"We have to take care of our kids, pay attention to our children, because if we don't teach them how to go across, anything could happen," he said.

While neighbors push for signal light to be installed at the corner where the crash occurred, Police continue their search for the second vehicle involved in the collison. It's described as a light-colored, four-door sedan. If you have any information about the driver or the car, call Fresno police . You can remain anonymous.

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